5D MegaShroom – Wales, UK

May 23, 2014 7:00 pmtoMay 25, 2014 7:00 pm

5D Mega Shroom

23/24/25 MAY 2014 (Bank holiday weekend)

48 hour, full power 5D Megashroom extravaganza.

7pm Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th.

This Stage (Psytrance in all its flavours)
That Stage (Psybreaks/Techno/Electro)
Mess Tent Chill-Out and catering
Fire shows, healing area, hot tub, toilets and showers X

This Stage (Psytrance in all its flavours)


Laughing Buddha (Nano Recs)
Dickster (Nano Records)
Green Nuns of the Revolution (Flying Rhino)
OOOD (Vertigo Recs)
Fagin’s Reject (Wild Things Recs)
Hypnocoustics (Liquid Recs)
Occular (Bom Shanka Recs)
Sybarite (TIP Records)
Re:Creation (Liquid Records)
Subliminal System (Phar-Psyde)
Omega Flight (Lua Records)


Dick Trevor (Nano Records)
Lucas (TIP World)
Hopi (ZeroOne Recs)
Mick Chaos (Chaos Unlimited)
Bedouin (Further Recs)
Mike Logic (Liquid Recs)
MoonQuake (Hadra Recs)
Sutekh (Bom Shanka Music)
Bez23 (Kulu)
Will (Zygosis)
F’da F’da (Tribe of Frog)
Lorraine (Psilocybe Tribe)
Neutron (Maharetta Recs)
2Ceebeebies (Eden)
Rich Nelson
Woef (Indigo Children)
Elden (5D)
Tetrasound (Blacklite Records)
Psydigital (ToF)
Zarvox (5D)
Rob Krosis (5D)
Gradual (5D)
Morph (Planet Shroom)
Sean (Planet Shroom)
Lurk (Planet Shroom)

That Stage (Psybreaks/Techno/Electro)


Hedflux (Broken Robot Recs)
Neurodriver (Broken Robot Recs)
Atomic Drop (Adapted Records)
Shamanic Technology (Adapted/Omni Temple)
Monkey Logic (Liquid Recs)
OOOD (Vertigo Recs)
Sinewinder (Dead Famous Recs)
Nanosphere (Broken Robot Recs)
Soluble Sounds (Broken/VIM)
Tongue & Groove (Liquid Recs)
Nanoplex (Flow Recs)
Ben Coda (Tribal Vision Recs)
Zub Zub
Kleesh (Horns n Hoof Recs)
LlamaLeaf (Wobbly Recs)
Tummy Talk
Colour (Broken/TechYes)
Mr Mirra (Broken Recs)
Wolfen Technologies
Stavros (TechYes)


Ipcress (Liquid Recs)
OOOD Djs (Vertigo Recs)
Marki Kleesh (Quantum Bleep)
Wicki (Liquid Recs)
Hemp (Tribe of Frog)
Pickle (Tribe of Frog)
Chemical Problem (TechYes/5D)
Northern Heights (Fish N Trips/5D)
Geo (Tribe Of Frog)
Svess (Further Recs
Ade (Wobbly Records)
Astral Mistral (Quantum Bleep)
Kwah (Broken Robot Records)
Techo (TechYes)
Advanced Banana (TechYes)
Little Thoughts (TechYes)

Mess Tent Chill-Out

Dj Nod
Jon Sangita
Mick Chaos
Naked Nick
Liquid James
Robin Triskele
Soluble Sounds
Wolfen Technologies
Hari Mai Matt
cybele sunrhea

There will be LOTS of lasers and all the usual high-standard Shroom production, plus a large dollop of 5D flavours as well.

There will also be a healing area.

The site is in the heart of Wales, in an absolutely stunning setting (trust us on this one) about 2 hours drive from Bristol. There is a railway station reasonably close by. The site will be open from Friday lunch-time until Monday evening, so make a proper weekend of it!

Tickets are now onsale from
£25 for the first 50 ***SOLD OUT***
£30 for the next 100 ***50% GONE***
£35 for the rest.

There is a £2 booking per ticket as well.

*****Tickets will be strictly limited to 400 people and will only be available in advance. There will be no sales on the door****