Bass Love – inSpiral Lounge, London, UK

September 19, 2014 9:30 pmtoSeptember 20, 2014 1:30 am

Our September edition of Bass Love falls at the Autumnal Equinox, a time to mark the end of summer and a beginning of colder, quieter months. We’ll be shaking off the last of the dust from our summer travels and preparing for the darker parts of the year, while we celebrate life with bass vibrations!

This edition of Bass Love also brings with it the London debut of Sonasha, a new glitch-hop production from Jon Sangita, as well as a special guest set from Damon (Chillumafia) visiting from Poland by way of Glesgie – it will certainly be a night to remember!

More information about the bass cadets:

DJ Nod is based out of Brixton, observing and participating in the global bass music scene both at home in London and through his world-wide travels. Since his move from the USA in 2009 he has played events across the globe, ranging in size from massive festivals such as OZORA and Hadra to smaller events in the US, Europe, and Japan. During this time he has become known for his smooth mixing and heavily psychedelic track selection, skirting around the edges of dubstep and other bass-driven music to procure a wide range of sub-shaking sounds.

Sonasha is the new project of UK Based Producer and DJ Jon Barron, His crunkadelic dub sound is full of good vibes and inspired by his love of Shamanism and his journeys through the multiple dimensions of possibility. Jon has been active on the Psychedelic scene for over 15 years and was a promoter of the legendary Psubliminal Psychedelia parties in the early 90s. Since then has been producing tracks for labels such as Sangita Sounds, Dubmission and Ajnavision as well as playing out at various global psychedelic festivals including Boom, Sonica, Ozora, Universo Paralello, Sunrise, Glade & Noisily.

Damon started spinning records in the mid 90s being involved in the acid techno/hard energy scene (and later nu school breaks and goa trance) in Poland. Moving to Chicago in 2000 he connected to the sound oozing out of the West Coast. The slow breaks resonating on the [email protected] Man defined a shift to the downtempo psychedelic spectrum. In 2005 he met Yidam from India and Robyo from the States both chillout DJs. The three of them started playing back to back at parties in the Midwest. Being notorious for their opinion on sound and spinning darker heavier dubby sounds on the chill stage they started being referred to as the Chillumafia. Of course the name stuck and the organizers included the Chillumafia affiliation. Chillumafia sound today is a mix of hedonistic grooves from the West and chill beats from the East expressed with a range of styles from ambient to dance, from traditional to futuristic, bringing remixes, live production and guest musicians into the sound system.

FREE Entry
9:30pm – 1:30am
Inspiral Lounge and Events
250 Camden High Street, London NW1 8Q