new mixes, a new video, and some website updates coming soon…

so i’m now starting to feel pretty settled in at my place in brixton and am starting to try to get out more to share some sounds…

there are recordings of some recent excursions in the mixes section, including a visit to asheville and two sets from my first european gig. there’s also a video on youtube from the show in asheville.

last but not least, i’ve been planning on switching some things around a bit on the website, so there may be more news soon – and, as always, if you’re interested in getting in touch my email address is nod at :)

live at casa arlingford

recorded at a house party we had in brixton at the end of march

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download here


  1. Anatomist – Unprotected
  2. 23Hz + Numaestro (Migrant remix) – Seven Pillars Remix
  3. 23Hz + Numaestro – Nemesis
  4. Hektagon – Finders Keepers
  5. Helixir – The Tekstep
  6. Helixir – Capioera Dub
  7. Benny Page – Pan Pipes
  8. N Type, The Others – Technophobe
  9. Soul Sinners – Ice
  10. Bare Noize – Trippy
  11. RumbleJunkie – Training
  12. Zeno – The Tuner
  13. Fish Finger – Hey-Hey
  14. Occult Science – Terror
  15. Downlink – Gamma Ray
  16. Zeno and Chewie – On Point
  17. iFa – Kinky
  18. Rumblejunkie – March Of The Sadist
  19. Hektagon – Strange Voices
  20. The Bassist – I Am
  21. Soul Sinners – Dis World
  22. CocoRosie – Werewolf (Omega Remix)
  23. Sully – Bless
  24. RSD – Pretty Bright Light
  25. elemental + 3D – Sirens (Elemental 07 Refix)
  26. Wascal – Think Again
  27. OSC – Zion
  28. Darqwan – M/a…ximum Reespek

moving to london!

I’ve now officially received my visa & booked my flight over, so its probably safe to share now :)

I’m going to be making the big move from NC to the UK, arriving Nov 30 to get settled just in time for what I’m told is a beautiful, dry winter season (hah!).

The show in Asheville on Nov 14 will be my last appearance in the southeast for quite some time (and possibly my last US appearance if nothing pops up in Chicago before I leave), so hopefully I’ll see some of you out there!

mixes now online…

i’ve now gotten all of my recorded mixes that are fit to share up here. there’s even a flash player which should allow you to play them directly from the site, and i have all of the tracklists posted save one. ph33r.

update: i’ve now fixed all of the broken links for my old live sets. enjoy :)

mmm….new website smell

Welcome to my new home on the intarwebs :)

I’m sure there will be much more interesting content coming here once everything is finished and i get around to posting more updates.

Many thanks to Matt and Brooke for their design wizardry!